Hélène Bougeard and Adrien Beauquier offer in this duet of voice and piano, an intimist pop music, drawing inspiration from pop, folk and soul music.

Hélène depicts her inner feelings and her story in personal texts, composed in english.

Adrien, self-taught pianist, co-compose, arrange and produce this EP of four songs, offering a delicate and captivating pop music. His arrangements deeply serve the singer’s original intentions.

Both of them, accustomed to the stage, wish to weave a close relation with their audience, inspiring them by creating a warm atmosphere.

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New Breath, the video clip

Hélène Bougeard


As a young student at the Regional Conservatoire of Rennes, Helene began singing when she was just eight years old. Passionate about music, she sang in a rockband, Black and Blue, for a few years and recorded a CD with them when she was eighteen.

Prior to turning twenty, she and three lifelong friends formed a gospel group, White Spirit. They performed Spirituals for four years in the west of France. Helene used this opportunity to expand her repertoire throughout that time, by performing dozens of spiritual songs.

Helene then travelled abroad for two years before returning home to Rennes where she started singing as a backing vocalist in a Folk and Blues band, called Diemaav.

For the last ten years Helene has been singing her favourite pop songs for private events.

She now sings her own compositions in a musical partnership with Adrien Beauquier. This partnership, producing both words and melodies, has truly showcased her musical complicity.

Adrien Beauquier

Pianist, arranger and composer

Open à des répertoires musicaux très variés, il propose des arrangements inédits et souvent audacieux, dans un style Pop n’ Jazz. Tour à tour délicat ou enjoué, il partage depuis près de vingt ans une proximité chaleureuse avec le public.

Artiste autodidacte, Adrien est aussi tourné vers la composition. Ses œuvres originales, jouées au piano, puisent à la source du répertoire traditionnel du piano-bar tout en déployant des sonorités très personnelles, à la fois vibrantes et poétiques.

Ce talent n’a pas échappé à la chanteuse Pia Moustaki, qui en a fait son pianiste attitré depuis 2011. Depuis 2016, il joue régulièrement dans les plus célèbres hôtels du Grand Ouest en piano bar solo, et au sein du duo Eylee Key.

Musicien éclectique et ouvert, il exprime au clavier de larges palettes d’émotions !

Upcoming concerts


Concert à la médiathèque de FOUGÈRES


17H00 • free


Concert à la médiathèque de DINAN


18H • free


Concert au Noktambül, à Rennes


20H30 • 7€

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